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Monday, October 20, 2014

25 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

Conspiracy theories are a dime a dozen and most are either ridiculous or just plain impossible. But, every once in a while we come to find out that the ridiculously impossible is actually true. Wrestling is fake, the NSA is spying on us, and your ATM can recognize you. These are 25 conspiracy theories that turned out to be true. Here's a preview:

The military is conspiring to instill fear in the populace
Heart attack guns exist
FBI is conspiring against civil activists
Mockingbird is a branch of the CIA
Fascists plan to overthrow the US government
The Gulf of Tonkin incident never really happened
The FBI poisoned alcohol during prohibition
CIA pays for false testimony
Asbestos is dangerous
ATM's use facial recognition technology
There's cancer in your vaccines
Texas is going to run out of water
The IRS is targeting conservatives
Fluoride is bad for your teeth
Cellphones cause cancer
The NSA is tapping your phonelines
Scientists use millions of genetically modified animals in research
The government is conspiring against opponents of genetically modified food
Scientists are creating human/animal hybrids
The World Series was rigged
The CIA tried to develop mind controlUS is secretly selling weapons to Iran
The CIA operates "Black Sites"
Watergate was put on by Nixon
Wrestling is fake

Ebola Hoax: 100% REVEALED! CNN + NYT caught using CRISIS ACTORS! MUST SEE

What? The whole Ebola crisis thing is a hoax you say?

The International Space Station (ISS) Hoax Exposed

Is the International Space Station real or an elaborate hoax?

FDA Leaker Exposes Vaccine Hoax

Do MMR vaccines cause autism? A key study says no, but was hit faked?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ebola Hoax - Crisis Actors Caught Reading from Script! No Why = BUSTED!

Is the Ebola outbreak a hoax? Does the mother of victim, Thomas Eric Duncan, look like she's reading from a script? Check out this video and decide for yourself!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Fake: Bird pooped on Putin at WWI Memorial Dedication Ceremony

Yeah, you wish this really happened.

If it had, Putin would have likely jumped up, grabbed the bird and broke its neck right there in front of the cheering crown.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Walmart Ice Cream Sandwich Won't Melt! We Prove It

So, you've probably already heard about the woman in Cincinnati who left a Walmart brand ice cream sandwich outside in the summer heat and it didn't melt? So a radio station in South Dakota decided to do their own experiment with the same product. Here are the unappetizing results.

From the YouTube description:
Dan Collins of KIKN 100.5 in Sioux Falls heard that an Walmart Ice Cream Sandwich won't melt in the sun. So, he put it to the test. And what do you know - it won't, even after 75 minutes in the sun. So, is it actually ice cream?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Bizarre Truth About Purebred Dogs (and Why Mutts Are Better)

Are purebred dogs better than mutts? You might be surprised.

Radio Telescopes Detect Strong, Mysterious Signal Bursts

What is that sound?

More from the YouTube description:
Two enormous radio telescopes situated across the world from one another have picked up very strong yet mysterious radio wave bursts. Two enormous radio telescopes situated across the world from one another have picked up very strong yet mysterious radio wave bursts. That they came from advanced alien civilizations is not being ruled out, but represent only one of many theories about the origins of the signals. One of the telescopes, which is located in Australia, has been detecting pulses since 2007. In fact, it has registered so many that some believe it’s just a glitch-ridden piece of equipment. Recently radio waves were detected in Puerto Rico as well, sparking a renewed interest in the bursts and where they might be coming from. Thus far, that they’re originating somewhere on Earth has been ruled out. Said one researcher, "Our result is important because it eliminates any doubt that these radio bursts are truly of cosmic origin. The radio waves show every sign of having come from far outside our galaxy - a really exciting prospect." Beyond aliens, speculated causes and origins include solar flares, suns collapsing and becoming black holes, and neutron stars merging. More signals are needed to gain a better understanding, but they come by chance so when scientists will be able to further the study is unknown.

Monday, June 9, 2014

St. Paul Unidentified Flying Object

What are those things?

From the YouTube description:
Notice on the last part. There are two flashing symmetrical lights that do not move at all. #ufo #alberta #stpaul #landingpad #lightsinthesky #allofthelights


The International Space Station is capturing video images of UFOs . . . again.

Here's more from the YouTube description:
SecureTeam Shirts! 
6/8/2014 - Secureteam has captured a clear UFO on NASA's earth stream. NASA couldn't hide it quick enough.. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

aladdin conspiracy

Everyone's see the classic Disney animated movie called "Aladdin", right?

So there's a conspiracy related to that movie? Could be, if you believe this genius.


How did we miss this one?

More from the YouTube description:
3/19/2014 - A newly captured video brought to you exclusively from the Secureteam, depicts a massive rotating UFO as it flies up close to the ISS (International Space Station). The video was recorded directly off of the ISS Ustream video page by a regular user of the site who regularly watches the streaming live video for daily anomalies and happenings. The footage was recorded on the 17th, and sent to us once the object was identified in the recordings. This is MONUMENTAL in the search for proof of an alien presence. Stay tuned, subscribe, and stick with Secureteam for real research and discoveries. Keep watching the skies and message us if you have interesting footage of your own!