Monday, February 4, 2013

Hero Confronts Anderson Cooper on Disappearing nose / Green Screen Anomaly

PLEASE NOTE: The title in this post comes directly from the video as posted on YouTube. We are not labeling this guy a "hero" or supporting his reasons for doing this. However, we do support his First Amendment right to do so, and as with all the videos we post here, we try and respect the way he chooses to express that. 

So, was CNN's Anderson Cooper (a close friend of comedian Kathy Griffin, BTW) at a Sandy Hook funeral memorial or was he standing in front of a green/blue screen? And why DOES his nose disappear in the middle of an interview? You'd think a big news network like CNN would have better equipment than that. Or, assuming Cooper is some kind of alien/robot from the future they would have worked the whole "disappearing nose thing" by now.

In this video, a guy went to Cooper's daytime talk show, Anderson Live, and actually confronted him in front of the audience and his crew in what appears to be a question and answer session those in attendance. It also looks like the guy who claims to have confronted Cooper and called him a liar, taped it using something strapped to his belt or neck because mostly what we see is the lights in the ceiling of the studio . . . but you can hear what is going on, sort of.

Anyway, an interesting example of just how far the "Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax" conspiracy has traveled.

Here's more from the YouTube description:
Listen to Anderson Cooper motormouth his way through being called out for using green screen.