Friday, April 12, 2013

Video Captures Apparent Scuffle After Cop Claims "Cell Phones Can Be Converted Into Weapons"

Not really a hoax or a conspiracy, but a video that more people need to see.  Adam Pringle was standing on the sidewalk, recording a bicycle cop write a citation for someone smoking on the boardwalk, when the officer first asks him to stop recording. When Pringle claims he CAN record in a public place, the officer then goes to "cell phones can be converted into weapons" and proceeds to arrest him. Read more about the incident here.

Two questions: if the police are really trained that cell phones can be converted into weapons, why even bother asking the guy to stop recording?  If it's a weapon don't you just take it away? If someone is holding a gun or a knife you don't just ask them to put it away.

And second: how soon before we have to register our cell phones?