Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Did Joe DiMaggio Have JFK Killed Over Marilyn Monroe's Death?

It what could possibly be the worst conspiracy video ever, a group of young people try to make the claim that grief-stricken Joe DiMaggio had President John F. Kennedy whacked because he thought the prez was responsible for the suspicious death of his former wife, Marilyn Monroe.

It appears to have been shot with an iPhone (vertically, not horizontally with a young woman who not only doesn't look like Monroe, they couldn't even buy her a blonde wig. But the best part is the re-creation of JFK's assassination in Dallas which appears to have been shot on a suburban street using a BMW with a sun roof instead of a limo.

We have to give the kids a "A" for effort, but about an F- for execution.

The name of this video is: dimaggio jfk conspiracy apush