Monday, June 24, 2013

WWII Crop Circles Discovered on Google Earth 1945 Layers

For those who think that crop circles are a recent phenomena and that they're the result of a couple of hoaxters.

Google Earth's Layers now show that they've been around since 1945 and pretty consistent from year-to-year. Is this another occult image that the Nazi's created?

Here's more from the YouTube description:
Crop circles dating back to 1945 are proof the phenomenon is no modern hoax, a Tasmanian historian claims.
The mystery of the increasingly intricate patterns was supposedly solved after several high-profile cases were revealed to be the work of artists and mischief-makers armed with barrels, planks of wood and plenty of spare time.
Credit for the hoaxes has been laid largely at the feet of pranksters Dave Chorley and Doug Bower, who in 1991 announced they had been pulling the wool over people's eyes since 1978. 
A crop circle in Halesowen. Greg Jefferys estimates this one to be about ten meters in diameter. He points out the shadow on its south east perimeter corresponds precisely with the shadows cast by the trees and hedges and that the quality of the image is high enough to show there are no tracks through the grain crop leading to or from the crop circle.