Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Non-Melting Snow Covering the US - What Is This?

Were you in part of the southern United States hit by that freak snow/ice storm last week?  Have you seen the videos of people trying to melt that snow with a lighter, only to have it turn black like Styrofoam?

Is it really "snow" as we've come to know it, or some kind of dropped from the sky, chemtrail substance being used for mind control?  Two videos today: first the original conspiracy video, then an explanation from some "scientist" guy . . . who's probably a paid government stooge.

Watch both and decide for yourself.  Unless, of course, you mind is already under Obama's control then, uh, never mind.

From the YouTube description in the first video:
Snow that burns and turns black like styrofoam? Yep, definitely normal..

This is from the follow-up video by Dave at
Published on Feb 4, 2014 I've seen some bizarre conspiracy theories in my time, but this may be the plain old weirdest: The snow that paralyzed Atlanta, Georgia in January of 2014 wa. Take responsibility people. I was inspired to make this video because of all the videos claiming that our snow and air is filled with chemicals from chemtrails and therefore won't melt.. So everyone is making a bunch of noise about snow being fake and containing nanites so I figured I'd see if our snow in WI was a fake too. Snow doesn't melt? Snow not melting , mass, snow.