Q - So, why a website with hoax AND conspiracy videos? Why not one or the other?

A - Good question. After watching a lot of these videos over the years it occurred to me that one man's hoax is another man's conspiracy. And there are lots of videos out there debunking other videos and then those videos are debunked by someone else. It's a never ending chain of accusations and counter-charges. Who doesn't like that? So, both seems to cover the genre better than one or the other.

Q - So you believe all this stuff?

A - Nope. The disclaimer on every page explains it all: I don't endorse or promote any one view and present this information for your entertainment and education.

Q - So aliens are real?

A - Just watch some of the videos and decide for yourself!

Q - Who should I complain to if I find a video offensive?

A - Not me pal! Find the original producer of the video and send your angry letters to them.

Q - So, your site makes fun of these videos?

A - No, no, no. Okay, maybe a little, but our main goal is to share them with a wider audience then they may otherwise find.  A little ribbing sometimes can go along with that.